Winter Term

Jan 02, 2023 to Feb 03, 2023
During the month of January, Faith Builders offers classes during a five-week term. The courses offered are focused on Bible, theology, Kingdom living, and music.

This five-week term offers courses and schedules to serve a wide variety of students, from young people seeking spiritual growth and practical teaching to seasoned pastors seeking refreshment and encouragement. Students can attend for three or five weeks.

Winter Term includes courses to challenge and deepen your faith and equip you to serve your church better, whatever your phase or direction in life.

Full-time Faith Builders instructors are joined by church and mission leaders with teaching experience to offer Winter Term courses.

Courses offered in Winter Term 2022

Class Hours Instructor
Reading the Bible 2 Steven Brubaker
Anabaptism as a Wordview (full to capacity) 1 Steven Brubaker
Life-giving Spaces in a Dysfunctional World 1 Cynthia Brubaker
An Anabaptist view of Peace, Violence, and Politics 2 Edsel Burdge
Early American Mennonite Thought 2 Edsel Burdge
Discipleship in the Local Church 2 John Coblentz
Understanding Abuse 3 John Coblentz
Human Sexuality and Gender Issues 1 John Coblentz
Women Caring for Women 2 Janelle Glick
Issues in Church Leadership 1 Melvin Lehman
Life & Leadership for Men 3 Melvin Lehman
Romans: Salvation and Sanctification 2 Melvin Lehman
Music Fundamentals 3 Nolan Martin
Music Theory I 3 Nolan Martin
Church Matters (full to capacity) 1 Gary Miller
Beginning Choral Conducting 1 Brandon Mullet
Music in the Life of the Church 1 Brandon Mullet
Choral Conducting 1 Brandon Mullet
Class Voice 1 Brandon Mullet
Early Church History 3 Stephen Russell
Systematic Theology 3 Stephen Russell
Christians and the Arts (full to capacity) 1 Stephen Russell
Writing to Communicate (full to capacity) 1 Anita Yoder

Some courses run the entire five weeks while others run for two or three weeks. A typical course load is 6-8 semester hours, or two-three courses.

Check back August 1 for the opening date to apply for Winter Term 2023.