Teachers Conference

Oct 11, 2019 to Oct 13, 2019
In October, Faith Builders hosts a weekend conference for K-12 educators. The Teachers Conference focuses on providing content and enrichment for long-term teachers serving conservative Anabaptist schools.

2018 Conference Theme: Nurturing the Practice of Peace

This year’s theme, one in a series on “Cornerstones of Anabaptist Schools,” explores the practice of peace.

As followers of Christ,  we are called to peace. As Anabaptists, we value perspective and stories that shape our understanding of peace. Peace means suffering love and nonresistance. It means laying down life or freedom or comfort rather than taking these things from someone else. As teachers, we believe that our schools should be places of peace, helping to shape young men and women who have both understanding and courage to practice peace in their communities, their churches, and around the globe.

Edsel Burdge (Shippensburg, PA) will lay a scriptural foundation for peace, tell stories of costly peace, and describe our service to the Prince of Peace. In another session, Sheldon Kauffman (Guys Mills, PA) will offer practical guidance for making our classrooms islands of peace in a troubled world.

2018 Conference Schedule

Friday, October 12

6:00-7:00 Arrival, registration, and fellowship with staff and speakers
7:00 Peace Defined: Edsel Burdge
8:30 Snack and fellowship
9:00 Volleyball

Saturday, October 13

8:00-9:00 Coffee Bar
9:30 Peace Demonstrated: Edsel Burdge
10:30 Brunch
12:15 Breakout Session #1
1:45 Breakout Session #2
3:15 General Session 3: Sheldon Kauffman
5:15 Supper
7:00-9:30 Volleyball
9:30 Snack

Sunday, October 14

10:00 Worship
10:30 Peace Deployed: Edsel Burdge
11:30 Lunch & Dismissal