Title Author(s) Description Published
Newsletter Issue 111 John Coblentz The feature article of this issue explores the student experience of internships. Numerous events and announcements are also included in the newsletter. 04/14/2014
Newsletter Issue 110 John Coblentz In this issue, John Coblentz presents a brief historical review of the doctrine of the incarnation of Jesus Christ and then reflects on the significance of the belief that in Jesus, God was "manifest in the flesh". 12/19/2013
Newsletter Issue 109 Various The FBEP Fall Newsletter is now available. The annual report newsletter features: 2012-2013 in the numbers, Event review and summary, Upcoming events, Financial reports 09/19/2013
Newsletter Issue 108 Kyle Stoltzfus The article in this newsletter, The Will of God as a Way of Life, is an adaptation of a workshop transcript with the same name presented at REACH 2013. 05/28/2013
Newsletter Issue 107 Wendell Heatwole Issue 107 of the Faith Builders newsletter, featuring Wendell Heatwole's paper on separation and non-conformity. 03/11/2013
Newsletter Issue 106 Steven Brubaker Steven Brubaker, Faith Builders administrator, reflects on the core values of Faith Builders. This issue features a three page timeline of milestones and pictures describing the history of FBEP. 12/20/2012
Newsletter Issue 105 Various The annual report newsletter features: event review and summary, upcoming events, and financial reports 09/12/2012
Newsletter Issue 104 Various Issue 104 of the Faith Builders quarterly newsletter, including several articles reflecting on the history of Faith Builders 05/04/2012
Newsletter Issue 103 Paul L. Miller The article republished in this edition was originally adapted from a colloquy presentation by Paul L. Miller in August 1995. 03/01/2012
Newsletter Issue 102 John D. Martin As 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of classes offered by Faith Builders, we are reprinting articles describing the formative vision for Faith Builders. This article was written by John D. Martin and first printed in "Articles of the Covenant" in December, 1984. 01/02/2012
Newsletter Issue 101 Various Our annual reporting issue includes photos of staff, students, and volunteers, and a summary of activities at Faith Builders. 10/19/2011
Newsletter Issue 100 TDW In this issue guest writer TDW writes about the unique opportunities enjoyed by conservative Anabaptists for friendship and sharing the Gospel among Muslims. 05/11/2011
Newsletter Issue 99 John A. Coblentz John Coblentz describes the restructured ministry training and changes to FB's core programs. 03/03/2011
Newsletter Issue 98 Davin Martin This article by Davin Martin was adapted from a commencement address presented on May 21, 2010. 12/14/2010
Newsletter Issue 97 Various This annual report issue includes photos of the staff, volunteers, and students, with a summary of recent projects and an opportunity to partner with Faith Builders. 08/14/2010
Newsletter Issue 96 Melvin B. Lehman The feature article by Melvin Lehman about teacher training is reprinted from Issue 29 of Faith Builders' newsletter, originally published February 1993. 05/14/2010
Newsletter Issue 95 John A. Coblentz John Coblentz writes of God's holiness in an excerpt from an unpublished manuscript. 02/14/2010
Newsletter Issue 94 Various This newsletter summarizes recent terms, events, and developments at Faith Builders in an annual report. 12/14/2009
Newsletter Issue 93 John A. Coblentz John Coblentz describes a journey toward God, growing in faith and understanding of who He is. 08/14/2009
Newsletter Issue 92 Various This issue summarizes several leadership transitions, with a restructured administrative team. It recognizes the significant contributions of Milo Zehr and Melvin Lehman. It also displays old historical photos of Faith Builders over the years. 05/20/2009
Newsletter Issue 91 Patrick Heatwole Veteran teacher Patrick Heatwole outlines the importance of history in forming our students to understand and participate in the Kingdom of God. 02/14/2009
Newsletter Issue 90 Various This issue reports on many facets of life and study at Faith Builders. 12/14/2008
Newsletter Issue 89 Compilation The feature article summarizes the discussions at the colloquy regarding technology in January 2008. 08/14/2008
Newsletter Isse 88 Various This newsletter profiles the members of the Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and Pastoral Council. 05/14/2008
Newsletter Issue 87 Stephen M. Russell In this excerpt, Stephen Russell describes the motivation for writing his book Overcoming Evil God's Way, published by Faith Builders. 03/14/2008
Newsletter Isse 86 Various Several students and an instructor write about their experiences at Faith Builders. This issue includes group photos of those at Faith Builders this winter. 12/14/2007
Newsletter Issue 85 Melvin B. Lehman Melvin Lehman describes an emerging position as the "New Conservative." 08/14/2007
Newsletter Issue 84 John A. Coblentz John Coblentz describes the re-designed Ministry Apprenticeship Program as equipping men and women to meet the needs in a broken world. 05/14/2007
Newsletter Issue 83 Milo E. Zehr Milo Zehr describes a reunion and open house to be held in March 2007. FB also hosted a presentation on our mentoring program that same weekend. 02/14/2007
Newsletter Issue 82 Steven R. Brubaker Steven Brubaker describes the path to a better future for Mennonite education. This newsletter included photos of the completed Student Center ("little gym") project. 12/14/2006
Newsletter Issue 81 Melvin B. Lehman Melvin continues his theme of western civilization and the kingdom of God, projecting a strategy that must be bold, courageous, realistic, and good news. 08/14/2006
Newsletter Issue 80 Melvin B. Lehman The feature article is an excerpt from Melvin Lehman's state of the school address on March 22, 2006. It included pictures of the "little gym" project. 05/14/2006
Newsletter Issue 79 Milo E. Zehr Milo Zehr discusses the issues related to mentoring, the subject of FB's Discipleship at Faith Builders Workshops for March 2006. 02/15/2006
Newsletter Issue 78 Melvin B. Lehman Director Melvin Lehman counters the malaise of world news with the good news that our God reigns. This issue contains a list of staff and photos of the students at Faith Builders this year. 12/01/2005
Newsletter Issue 77 Milo E. Zehr Campus pastor Milo Zehr describes the good news of the kingdom. 09/01/2005
Newsletter Issue 76 Melvin B. Lehman Director Melvin Lehman completes his narrative and answers the question "What can be?" in relation to Faith Builders. 06/01/2005
Newsletter Issue 75 Melvin B. Lehman Director Melvin Lehman reflects on the history of Faith Builders and shares his dreams for its future place in the Kingdom of God. 03/01/2005


Title Description Published
FBSS pre-K school application 04/15/2019
FBSS K-12 School application 04/15/2019
FBSS application addendum 04/15/2019
FBSS school doing own paperwork 04/15/2019
FBSS familiy application 04/15/2019


Title Author(s) Description Published
2013 Colloquy: Separation and Non-conformity Val Yoder, Wendell Heatwole, Nathan Yoder The 2013 colloquy hosted by Faith Builders was a time of presentation and discussion about the topic Separation and Non-conformity. Val Yoder, Nathan Yoder, and Wendell Heatwole prepared papers and gave presentations on the topic. Here are their papers. 02/21/2013


Title Description Published
UK Choir Personnel 04/10/2019


Title Description Published
TI Admissions Packet 11/15/2018
Title Description Published
FBCS Auction 04/18/2019
FBSS business brochure FBSS business brochure 04/15/2019
FBSS business application FBSS business application 04/15/2019
Summer Term 2019 02/13/2019
FBCS Pancake Breakfast 01/18/2019
Tuition and Fees 2019 12/11/2018
TI Scholarship Application 11/15/2018
2018 Pork Roast 08/24/2018
Winter Term 2019 brochure 08/09/2018
FBCS Benefit Auction 04/20/2018
Teachers Week 2018 brochure 04/13/2018
Summer Term 2018 Brochure 02/15/2018
Summer Term 2018 Brochure 02/15/2018