Summer 2018

How can we build and strengthen the Kingdom through music, heroes, and habits? Condensed from a larger work-in-progress about the Kingdom of God, Melvin suggests ways to create Kingdom culture instead of imbibe it from the world.

Newsletter Issue 127, Spring 2018

The core values of Faith Builders includes the centrality of Jesus and absolute trust in His word. In this newsletter, Steven explores what it means for a school to be Christ-centered. How will it respond to basic life questions? What do its graduates love?

Newsletter Issue 126

Our Winter newsletter shares pictures and reports on 2017 events, highlights the three study tracks of Faith Builders, and lists events we anticipate for 2018.

Newsletter Issue 125

Is community a vestige of our tradition or is it something to value and nurture? Nelson Martin calls us to consider community as part of our design and the organism to which we invite people in evangelism.


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