Spring 2019 Newsletter

To become like Jesus means to join Him in simple, invisible work. Wendell originally presented this article as a commencement address to the FB Class of 2018.

Newsletter, Winter 2018

Our Winter newsletter shares personnel pictures and reports 2018 events, highlights the ways that broaden FB's mission of serving the church beyond its 2-year study program, and lists events we anticipate for 2019.

Newsletter, Fall 2018

We know that God and His kingdom are more important than electronic gadgets. How does that belief guide our behaviors? John suggests that to address technology well, we must first seek to align our hearts with love for God and others.

Summer 2018

How can we build and strengthen the Kingdom through music, heroes, and habits? Condensed from a larger work-in-progress about the Kingdom of God, Melvin suggests ways to create Kingdom culture instead of imbibe it from the world.


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