Cultivating Conversations

Anna Zehr, an elementary teacher at Faith Builders Christian School, discusses in this article the foundational importance of communications skills to deep thinking and engagement of the world

Getting the Most From Your Child's Education

In this article, Gerald Miller describes practical ways parents can contribute to their child's education.

Why Teach in the Age of Google?

"Why Teach in the Age of Google" grapples with the reality of education in the Information Age. Students have access to unprecedented volumes of information. But, is this access a replacement for education?

An Anabaptist Conversation on Economics

In January, 2016, Faith Builders Training Institute offered a two-week course on Christian Economics. The intentions were to articulate a theological base for how to use money and transact business, to apply biblical principles and values to the modern economic scene, and to develop a working statement that would anchor future classes on economics offered at FB. This document is a result of that effort.


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