Information for Schools

FB Scholarship Services provides a seamless, comprehensive scholarship experience for schools across Pennsylvania.

Our scholarship services include financial evaluation of each family and a proposed tuition assistance amount. Our goal is to financially assist families that choose to educate their children in private and religious schools. Available scholarship funds are derived solely from donor-recommended contributions to the fund. We can accommodate EITC, OSTC, and and other types of donations.

Distribution of funds is needs-based according to family size, income (not more than $105,183 plus $18,514  for each dependent), and total tuition. Lower-income families have a higher priority.

Scholarships are available for any full-time student (PA resident attending a PA school):

  • The school must file its information with FB.
  • The family must complete an application from FB for the scholarship funds.
  • Funds for any qualified student will be paid directly to their participating school during a school term

Download the pre-K School application.


Download the K-12 School application.


Download the addendum for the school application.


Download the template for schools doing their own paperwork.


Read more about the program online at the DCED’s official EITC site.