Information for Parents

Information for Parents
How would you like to receive scholarship funds to assist you in sending your child to a private school?

If your adjusted gross income is lower than $105,183 plus $18,514 per dependent, and if your school has received funds from businesses under the Pennsylvania educational tax credit programs, then you may be eligible for tuition assistance.

How to Participate

  1. If your school has received notice from Faith Builders that funds are available for your school, each parent must then determine eligibility.  The combined adjusted gross income of a household (total income of parent(s) and all dependents) cannot exceed $105,183 plus $18,514 per dependent.  For example: if a family has three dependents, then their household income must not exceed $160,725 to qualify for assistance.
  2. Eligible families must complete a Family Application (see below or contact your school for the application form) to apply for available funds.  Contact your school administration for instructions on where to send your application.  While most schools will instruct you to mail your application directly to Faith Builders, some schools choose to process family applications themselves.
  3. If your school chooses to have your application sent to Faith Builders, we will respond to your application by sending you a confirmation notice.  This confirmation notice reflects the family application information as entered into our database.
  4. After the application process is completed, we will notify you no later than January 1 of the tuition award by sending an award notice.  Scholarship checks will be sent directly to your school to be applied to your school tuition.  Checks will not be sent to individual parents.
  5. Your final step is gratitude.  Along with the award notice we will send you a postcard for each business who donated to your child’s education.  We ask you to express your gratitude and mail these to the various businesses.

Download the family brochure.


Download the family application.

Note: Applications can only be processed if your school has received funding through our organization. Please contact your school administrator for funding status prior to submitting an application to our organization.