Board and Councils

Faith Builders receives input and oversight from three primary groups representing the conservative Anabaptist constituency--the Board, Advisory Council, and Pastoral Council.


FBEP is a para-church organization that serves the conservative element of the Mennonite church. A board that solicits counsel from council members runs FBEP. The board selects board and council members from various Mennonite churches, conferences, and fellowships. The board maintains at least five board members and nine council members. The board meets at least twice per year at the FBEP facility, and confers by telephone other times as needed.

  • Javan Bender, Abbeville, SC
  • Darrell Hershberger, Stuarts Draft, VA
  • Paul Horst, Elmira, ON
  • Dwight Kratzer, Millersburg, PA
  • Matt Landis, Ephrata, PA
  • Gary Miller, Hutchinson, KS
  • James Yoder, Nappanee, IN (secretary)
  • Keith Zimmerman, Leesport, PA

Advisory Council

The board and administration meets with the council once per year, and seeks input from council members periodically throughout the year.

  • Steve Burkholder, Nappanee, IN
  • Grant Fullmer, Farmersville, OH
  • Nathan Good, South Boston, VA
  • Tyler Hochstetler, Madison, VA
  • Richard Hoover, Narvon, PA
  • Steven Overholt, Marshallville, GA
  • Gene Plett, Myerstown, PA
  • John Perfect, Strasburg, VA
  • Dave Rotelle, Honey Brook, PA
  • Daniel Rutt, Denver, PA
  • Jonas Sauder, Lancaster, PA
  • Byran Smucker, Hamilton, OH
  • Larry Troyer, Sugarcreek, OH
  • Marvin Weaver, Blue  Ball, PA
  • Phil Yoder, Harrison, AR
  • Dan Ziegler, Paynesville, MN
  • Nathan Zimmerman, Reinholds, PA

Pastoral Council

The Faith Builders Pastoral Council is composed of pastors from the FB constituency. Their purpose is to provide a link between FBEP and the churches who send students to FBEP. They pursue this purpose by reviewing the theological positions and sentiments of FBEP, by reviewing the texts that are used in classes taught at FBEP, and by representing the concerns and interests of the constituent community to the board and administration of FB.

  • Rick Bauman, Drayton, ON
  • John Miller, Bourbon, IN
  • Laban Kaufman, Middlefield, OH
  • Ken Gehman, Mill Hall, PA
  • Ronald Miller, Oswego, KS
  • Tim Myers, Keysville, GA