Reflecting on REACH

We asked individuals to reflect on their experience at REACH.  Here is what they shared:

One of the most significant elements for me was something of a side note. I loved watching the leaders and workers from various ministries greeting one another, reflecting their longstanding friendships based in mutual desire to serve God.
John Coblentz

At REACH I saw the exciting vision and ability of the numerous Anabaptist ministries and communities to work together toward a common goal.
Matthew Nisly

The atmosphere radiated anticipation of something explosiveabout to happen. It was as though God’s Spirit was showering us with dynamite sticks ready to be detonated wherever we dared to take action against lethargy.  A powerhouse: organized, advancing, and energizing.
Elam King

It was exciting to watch older men talking about being in service for God for 20 or 30 years and not wanting to exchange it for the world.
Jamin Graybill

REACH has been a good way for the accumulated and concentrated effort of Kingdom workers to bring accountability to High School student’s dreams and plans.
Kyle Lehman

I heard the call to make the most of my time and opportunities to reach others.
Kaitlyn Schlabach

Throughout REACH I was inspired and energized by the potential for God’s people, both young and old, to gain deepened and renewed vision for participation in His kingdom. A conversation with a Friday evening attendee deepened my desire for this to happen.
Matthew Mast

Seeing a variety of mission organizations come together with a common goal truly blessed me. Too often I cause harm by ranking one mission over another instead of allowing them to work together for God’s glory. REACH beautifully displayed this unity.
Myron Brubaker