2013/2014 Renovation and Capital Projects

As the Lord provides, we plan to pursue the following renovation projects during the next fiscal year.

Please contact us if you have interest in contributing to one of these projects.  

Email: fbep@fbep.org

Phone: (814) 789-4518


Van Replacements

Faith Builders operates three 12-passenger vans for transporting students on field trips, camping trips, service projects, and mentoring events. Two of the vans are no longer reliable to operate for long distance trips. We believe that we can buy good used replacements for $10,000 each. We welcome donations toward a purchase or the donation of a van in good used condition.


Elevator between West Wing and Center Section

The Faith Builders facility was built on multiple levels with many connecting stairs. This makes it very difficult to navigate in a wheelchair. The envisioned elevator will greatly increase accessibility.


Center Section Roof

The center section roof was one of the first renovation projects after Faith Builders was purchased in 1992. It is now 20 years old and needs to be replaced.


Miscellaneous Small Projects

  • –– Remodel east wing restrooms
  • –– Replace windows and paint the stairwell in the east wing /center section walkway
  • –– Replace emergency exit lighting in the center and east sections
  • –– Paint the chapel/connector stairwell
  • –– Install lightning protection system
  • –– Install signs along the FB driveway and at Hunter’s Inn
  • –– Install a fire alarm Sensaphone alert system
  • –– Replace diffusers and piping in the sewer plant