Apply for two-year studies

Faith Builders offers three two year tracks of study: Christian Ministries, Teacher Apprenticing, and General Studies.

Our two-year courses of study have been carefully designed to encourage spiritual, academic, and vocational development. These studies begin in the fall semester.

Follow these steps to apply for 2-year studies:

  1. Review the entrance requirements.
  2. Download the admissions packet or request our office to mail it to you.
  3. Complete pages 3, 4, and 11. Mail, fax, or scan and email those to Faith Builders. Include a recent personal photo; digital photos may be emailed to Include payment of the application fee, either by check or online.
  4. Complete page 12 to request that any previous school records be sent to Faith Builders.
  5. Ask three people to fill out the reference forms included in the admissions packet (pages 5-10). One should be a pastor, another someone who knows you well as a peer or mentor, and the third someone who knows you in a school setting. Have them mail, fax, or scan and email the reference forms directly to Faith Builders.

We will confirm with you when we receive your application.

Early application deadline: December 1, with notification of our decision by January 15.

Regular application deadline: March 1, with notification of our decision by April 15.

Extended application deadline: May 1, with notification of our decision by May 31.

Fee Schedule