Faith Builders provides God-centered learning experiences that equip students for joyful, humble service in God’s Kingdom. Learn more about our programs of study on these pages.

Faith Builders Training Institute offers three tracks of study—Teacher Apprenticing Program (TAP), Christian Ministries, and General Studies. These tracks integrate the head, heart, and hands components of education, which are central to the mission and philosophy of Faith Builders. Apply Here!

non-program student studies during Winter Term

Most students are enrolled in a two-year course of study that has been carefully planned to encourage spiritual, mental and skills development. Non-program students are enrolled for one or more terms without a prescribed course of study. They have greater freedom to pick and choose classes. They typically do not participate in apprenticing. Non-program students may not take more than 6 credit hours per semester.

People who wish to study at Faith Builders have the following options:

During the month of January, Faith Builders offers courses during a five-week term. The courses offered are focused in the areas of Bible, Theology and Music. This term is specifically designed to address the needs of students not traditionally served by conservative Mennonite Bible schools, including older students and church leaders. Some courses run the entire five weeks while others may run for as little as one week.

During the month of July, Faith Builders operates a five-week term. We offer courses during this term designed to prepare and equip teachers in K-12 settings. Courses suitable for first-time teachers are available as well courses for the seasoned teacher looking for continued professional development. Additionally, many of the courses would fit into traditional liberal arts programs at other schools. The typical course load is 6-8 semester hours.


View the academic calendar for Faith Builders Training Institute and Faith Builders Resource Group, with some events from Faith Builders Christian School.

Faith Builders offers the College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP®), a credit-by-examination program that gives students the opportunity to earn college credit by earning qualifying scores on exams. CLEP exams are computer-based and administered on computer at Faith Builders. Nearly 3,000 colleges and universities grant credit or advanced standing based on CLEP exam performance. Each college sets its own CLEP policy, so it is important to determine the specifics of an institution's policy, such as the exams for which they grant credit and how many credits they grant.

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