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Administrative Team

FBCS Principal, Teacher โ€“ Grades 7-8, FBTI Instructor
FBTI Administrator
Assistant to the Administrator, Mentor
Administrator of Operations, Mentor
School Administrator, FBTI Instructor, Mentors


Communications Assistant
FBCS Teacher, Grades 3-4
FBTI Instructor, FBCS Teacher โ€“ Grades 9-12
Information Technology Coordinator
FBCS Secretary
Librarian, Mentor, Academic Advisor
Kitchen Supervisor
Campus Pastor, FBTI Instructor, Mentors
FBCS Teacher - Grades 9-10
Bookstore manager
Dean of Women, Housekeeping Supervisor
FBCS Teacher - Grades 11-12
Kyle Stoltzfus
Communications, Instructor
Resource Group Project Manager
Former director, instructor, FBCS teacher, mentors
Dean of Men, Maintenance Assistant
FBCS Teacher and Living History Curriculum Writer
FBCS Teacher โ€“ Grades 5-6, FBTI Instructor, Mentor
FBTI Instructor, Mentor
Living History Curriculum Writer
Scholarship Services Coordinator