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Administrative Team

FBCS Principal
Resource Group administrator, Mentor
FBTI administrator, Mentor
Administrator of Operations, Mentor
FBEP Administrator, FBTI Instructor


Librarian, academic advisor
Communications Assistant, Mentor
FBCS Teacher, Grades 3-4
FBTI Instructor, FBCS High School Music Teacher, Mentor
Information Technology Coordinator, Mentor
Dean of Men
FBCS teacher, Mentor
Resource Group Assistant
Campus Pastor, FBTI Instructor, Mentor
FBCS Teacher, Grades 9-10
Instructor, Writing Program Coordinator
FBCS Secretary, Mentor
Scholarship Services coordinator
FBCS teacher, grade 2
FBCS teacher, grade1
Dean of Women, Housekeeping Supervisor
FBCS Teacher, Grades 11-12
TI Academic Dean, Instructor, Mentor
Kitchen supervisor
Resource Group Project Manager
FBCS Teacher, Grades 5 & 6
Former director, Instructor, Mentors
FBCS Teacher and Living History Curriculum Writer
FBCS grade 1 assistant
FBTI Instructor, Mentor
Bookstore manager
Living History Curriculum Writer, Mentor