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Welcome to the application process for Faith Builders! There’s a great deal of information available here, but it can be summarized quite simply.

Each study opportunity involves an application process. For Summer and Winter Terms, this process is shorter than it is for the two-year tracks of study. The page below called “Apply for a Term” will connect you to the specific application for each study opportunity. All applications require the payment of an application fee. Application fees may be paid online at www.fbep.org/fees.

The page on “Entrance Requirements” describes what we consider when we review applications. If you have questions about items described there, please contact us.


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Do you have a quick question? Here's a factual overview of Faith Builders.

Faith Builders Educational Programs serves the conservative Anabaptist community by discipling people toward humble, joyful, Christ-centered participation in the Kingdom of God. The FB Board envisions FBEP helping to develop people who…

Faith Builders receives input and oversight from three primary groups representing the conservative Anabaptist constituency. These groups are the Board, Advisory Council, and Pastoral Council.

The birth and growth of the Christian school movement among conservative Mennonites has been accompanied by a growing need for qualified teachers.  During the early 1980’s, a few concerned brethren met to discuss the possibility of starting a Christian college for conservative Mennonites.

God the Father and creation: We believe in one God who is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, infinitely perfect, and eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe in God as creator and sustainer of all things, and accept the Genesis account of creation as authentic.

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Here are instructions for driving to Faith Builders' facility in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania.

Faith Builders partners with donors who want to invest in the infrastructure of the conservative Anabaptist community.