Welcome to Faith Builders!

Faith Builders Educational Programs is a learning community located in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania. We seek to serve our communities by offering college-level classes, mentoring, and apprenticing as well as a variety of seminars, workshops, and other services.

Volunteers Sought

Volunteers Sought
Terms begin in June or August
Are you (or someone you know) interested in volunteering for a year? We seek volunteers who are interested in fulfilling work at a place where personal growth is a requirement!

Two volunteers needed
Three to five ladies work in the kitchen with meal preparation and food serving. Prior experience in commercial or institutional food service is preferable, but not required. Good teamwork skills are important for this job.

Steps Toward Faithful Ministry

Discipling Jesus-followers

Is our disciple-making making Jesus-followers? In this newsletter, John Coblentz explores two fundamental principles of faithful discipleship.


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